10 Pcs Multifunctional Sticker Drainer

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Are you still troubled by hair clogging the drain? With our disposable shower drain floor sticker, you no longer have to clean up the annoying hair or worry about the drain clog???????

(Pack of 10)

The disposable design enables it can be thrown directly after using. It can be widely used in washbasin, bathtub, kitchen, bathroom, laundry to fit your need. 


  • Our hair filtering decals are suitable for any drain. Easy to install.
  • Mesh design can effectively block hair and other debris while Allow water to drain faster.
  • This bathroom hair strainer decal has strong stickness, which will not be washed by the shower current.
  • Fits for any standard types of sewers, sinks or bathtubs, suit for kitchen, bathroom, wash basin, drain, bathtubs and show.
  • If you bathe your pet more frequently, we recommend that you change it every time. Keep floor drains clean at all times.
  • Can be used on a torn window net to repair
  • Adhesive mesh fabric screen repairs part mend patch, rips, tears, damage in the window screen, door screen, etc.
  • Just cut a little patio door screen repair tape and you don’t need to replace the whole door window screen.
  • More cost-saving, meanwhile perfect cover patch, practical window screen repair kit for you.
  • Just clear the area you want to cover, and cut and place whatever size you want to repair the tears and holes in your screen.
  • Repair screen tape has the toughest, heavy mesh construction. adhesive, Good transmittance as well as breathable
  • For holes and tears in window screens, screen doors, tent mesh, pool screens, RV screens, and more.
  • This screen mend tool is crafted with Polyurethane & Double-sided Tape.

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