Japanese Style Drain Wet Grater

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  • MULTI-FUNCTION: The product comes with four blades for a total of 12 functions, and can be used for grinding garlic, separating egg whites, cutting flowers, slicing, juicing, draining, peeling, washing vegetables, and more.
  • EASY: When working in the kitchen, you often encounter some situations where you want to cut the silk but your ability is not allowed. With this tool, you can quickly cut your potatoes, carrots and so on into silk, simple and convenient.
  • PRACTICAL: This product not only ensures multi-function, but also ensures various effects. There are various sizes of cutting silk to meet your different needs at different times.
  • SAFE & CONVENIENT: It is equipped with a hand guard to ensure that your hand will not be injured by the blade, which is more safe. The product has a unique drainage function that allows you to clean the vegetables directly inside after cutting, skipping tedious steps and making your cleaning easier.

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