Multifunctional Portable Fuel Transfer Kit

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  • The pump only works if the target container is less than the source container. When the liquid comes close you can pinch the hose and remove the hand pump that holds the hose end in the target container.
  • Rubber hand pump that quickly starts siphoning liquid flow.
  • Hand pump for petrol, oil, air, water and other common liquids ideal for emergency gas transfer.
  •  Built-in outlet and inlet valve to prevent backflow, extraction directly, liquid outflow in 5 seconds. The arrow indicates flow direction.
  • You don’t have to start the siphoning process with your mouth.
  • Never start the siphoning process with your mouth, it is extremely dangerous and highly inefficient. Not suitable for drinking water, salt water and any chemical and corrosion liquids.
  • With L2m D21mm durable lengthen and thicken clear PVC pipe, oil, high temperature and corrosion resistant makes this pump transfer more quickly, pumps 10L/Min.
  • Lightweight and portable hand transfer pump, perfect for vehicles without anti-theft filter net, such as lawn Mower, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, etc.

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