Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Gloves

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Are you Tired of cuts or burns on your hands while working in the kitchen?

1Time saver : This will save you a lot of time, with this you do not need to keep any extra dishwasher, you can directly clean your dirty utensils and kitchen floor

2.Safe and convenient: These gloves are very safe, it will protect your hands from cuts, burns and infections caused by detergent while working in the kitchen.

3.Easy to Carry : It comes in a very compact and portable size, so you will not have to worry about keeping it and storing it.

4.Multifunctional: These gloves are multifunctional, you can use them to clean your kitchen, glasses, bathroom floor and many other things in your house.

5. Reduce efforts: These gloves will greatly reduce your effort in dishwashing and cleaning the kitchen, with its help you can complete your work in much less time.


1.High quality material : These gloves are made of high quality aluminum file cloth material and have PVC lining on the inner side due to which it is very easy to wear and there is no problem will be faced in the hands also.

2.Reusable : These gloves are fully reusable, after using them you can wash them and use them again.

3.Easy to use : It is very easy to use, you just have to wear it in your hands and take detergent in your hands and rub both the hands together and after that you can do your work

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