Silicone Ice Cube Bucket

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  • Effortless Ice Release: Once the ice cubes are successfully frozen, simply squeeze and knead the silicone ice bucket to dispense all the cubes, without worrying about deformation. You can also add a small amount of hot water into the grooves of the silicone ice bucket for immediate demolding.
  • Food-Safe Materials: Crafted from professional-grade food-safe silicone material, these ice cube molds are odorless, BPA-free, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of your beverages. The smooth silicone surface is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Space-Saving Mini Tumbler Design: Each crushed ice maker cup mold measures 3.15*3.35 inches and holds a total of 60 0.5inch ice cubes, yet takes up minimal space. Perfect for indoor refrigerators, car refrigerators, and outdoor mini refrigerators.
  • Convenience Redefined: Bid farewell to traditional, cumbersome ice trays. Ice Cube Molds Cup offers unparalleled convenience, allowing you to effortlessly pour out ice cubes without hassle or mess. For friends or family members who enjoy making ice, this would make an excellent gift.
  • Versatile Usage: Double the convenience with this set of two mini silicone ice cube molds, providing ample ice cubes for your favorite drinks anytime, anywhere. Elevate your beverages with perfectly shaped ice cubes every time. Ideal for whiskey, cocktails, coffee, juice, and more.

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