Mobile Magnetic Cooling Radiator Fan

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  • Composed of a full circle of strong magnets, with strong magnetic attraction, tightly fit.
  • Heat dissipation with silent, turn on the mic with confidence Spiral air duct to reduce noise
  • Dynamic balancing Fan Silent with low vibration
  • Its also with colorful RGB  effects behind the scene, Show the colorful visual experience
  • Universal for multi Size models with width of 62-105mm
  • Light Weight without Burden, Hold for a Long time without a fatigue.


  • Magnetic semiconductor, refrigeration and heat dissipation, specially designed for mobile phone electric competition, refrigeration is faster than refrigerator
  • RGB light adjustment keys, arbitrary
  • RGB lights can turn off the heat dissipation, and at the same time prevent disturbing others to rest
  • Frequency conversion digital display, temperature at a glance
  • Step less temperature adjustment design, choose the temperature more suitable for the mobile phone at any time, fast cooling, without hurting the machine
  • Mute without shock, listen to sound to distinguish position, original voice

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