Portable washing machine turbine

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  • This washing machine is practical, which can be perfect for washing underwear, socks, baby clothes and other small items separately from other clothes to prevent any sort of cross-contamination.
  • Featuring compact size and light weight, this washing machine can be carried conveniently and occupy less space. It is perfect for houses with small space, dorms, RVs and travel or mobile homes.
  • Powerful motor produces high-frequency vibration , accelerating liquid dispersion, can effectively remove on clothes.
  • Suitable for washing small and lightweight clothing, like baby clothes, underwear, rags, socks, and more.
  • Multiple small suction cups design, the washing machine and cable can be firmly attached to the bucket.
  • USB power supply, easy to get powered through a power bank, plug and play, convenient and quick for use.
  • Compact size and light weight, not occupying

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