Transparent Black And White Baby Safety Lock

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  • Easy to install: No need to drill holes in the refrigerator, just use a screwdriver to fix the lock on the fridge door. it can be easily installed and removed without any tools. Transparent acrylic tape has strong adhesive force (the effect is better after 24 hours) to satisfy the normally open function of the fridge lock. Thanks to the intimate design of the adhesive, it can be removed quickly. For installation, no drill or tools are needed. The fridge lock can be easily removed by heating with a hair dryer, without damage to the fridge.
  • Comfy & durable: abs plastic, it is durable and not easy to deform. the lock can be used for a long time.
  • Widely uses: It can be used to protect the refrigerator, freezer, door and other items. it is very suitable for storing small items such as keys, toys, etc. It can be used in multiple scenarios: not only for double-door/multi-door fridges, but also for double-door cabinets/bowl cabinets/bookcases/wine cabinets of various materials. There are two colors to choose from, transparent and transparent black, and you can match it according to the color of the furniture.
  • Transparent & Elegant Design: Adopting PC material, this transparent refrigerator lock are safe and durable with a round and smooth surface. It can withstand 120N (12 kg) of pull. The compact and simple appearance perfectly blends with your home style. The invisible switch is not easy to attract the baby’s attention, and the adult can easily unlock it.
  • Why Need It: Prevent babies from flipping the refrigerator and eating by mistake; prevent kids from hiding in the refrigerator; prevent kids from hurting himself by playing with the fridge. It is effective not only for babies, but also for pets.
  • Color: Black And White

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