Wall Mounted Comode Cleaning Toilet Brush

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  • Ergonomic handles make cleaning easier and reduce cleaning time.
  • Bowl buddy toilet brush is made of PP + TPR material that durable, the brush never wears out, does not deform. It is very easy to reach small space, dead corner, gap between toilet and lid. your toilet will be cleaner than ever
  • Toilet Brush Cleaner, Firm Rubber bristled bowl brush with Under-rim Brush remove stains forcefully.
  • The toilet brushes & holders set is designed with pro U-shaped & flexible silicone brush head. for deep cleaning on rims and other hard-to-reach places, and does not hurt the glaze of the toilet. Achieve the ideal cleaning effect.
  • With the anti-adhesive coating, no dirt can attach to the bristles and thus ensures a germ-free zone.
  • Toilet brush set with Upgrade Non-slip Handle, Long enough handle of the flat silicone toilet brush makes sure that you don't need to concern that your hands may touch the toilet while using, make toilet cleaning more efficient and easy.
  • The design of the toilet brush ensures that you do not get dirty fingers when cleaning, the handle protects you from splashes.
  • The dense flexible silicone bristles of rounded shape toilet brush head make it scrub hard-to-reach places and corners easily and efficiently clean the toilet bowl without scratches.

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